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We keep all of the nursery’s policies and procedures in a folder in the foyer, these are updated on a regular basis.

Parents are asked to read these during settling in sessions and copies are e mailed on request.

If you have any questions please contact us so we can help you.

Meal Times

All children’s dietary needs are taken into consideration when planning our weekly menu. A vegetarian alternative is always available, as is specific requirements, for example allergies or religion.

The nursery has set meal and snack times during the day for the 1 – 5 year olds to help them establish a healthy routine to feel safe and secure.

The babies have their own routine set by you from what they are used to at home to help them settle easier in to nursery life.

Breakfast time is from 7.30 am – 8.00 am this meal consists of a variety of cereals, toast, fresh fruit, yoghurt and a drink.

Morning snack is at 10.00 am the children will have a drink of milk/water with a healthy snack.

Lunch time is at 12.00 noon the menu for this meal is enclosed with in the prospectus, and changes throughout the year depending on likes/dislikes of the children and availability of product.

Afternoon snack is at 2.00 pm the children will have a drink of milk/water with a healthy snack.

Tea time is at 4.00 pm the menu for this meal is enclosed with in the prospectus, again this will change
throughout the year.

Evening snack is at 6.00 pm the children will have a drink of milk/water and a biscuit or piece of fruit.

Water is available throughout the day for children to access freely.


At Second Steps children are encouraged to respect the needs of others and to develop self-discipline.

They are praised for their achievements and discouraged from unwanted behaviour.

When a child needs to be corrected, staff explain the situation and why it is not acceptable behaviour and then support the child/children as a group.

We have a Positive Behaviour Policy which all staff are aware of and follow.

Learning Journeys

Each child has a learning journey which is compiled using various methods of observation and tracking.

Practitioners are able to add observations and photos of the children. These will be added primarily by each child’s key person who will be following their progress and development.

Parents/carers will be able to add their own observations that they witness at home to aid their child’s learning and development. This can be done by completing a parent achievement certificate’s.

The child’s key person will complete achievement certificates to show the child’s progression and journey throughout their time at nursery.

The key person and manager will liaise with outside agencies if they feel the child will benefit from an outside professional guidance and support in area’s regarding speech and language or behaviour and any other additional needs.

For more information speak to your child’s key person, room leader or nursery manager.