Durham Road

Age groups

Our rooms are split up into four different age groups to offer the best level of care and learning for their age.

Cubs – For babies

Cubs is our baby room. The children in this room are aged from 6 weeks old to walking. We have two members of staff in this room looking after six babies. These staff have been working with babies for a few years now and are able to settle each baby into the nursery so they are happy in their environment, and where their parents are also happy and comfortable to leave their precious child. In cubs we follow the routine that the babies are used to at home then gradually integrate them into the routine’s of the nursery as they get older.

Piglets – For the 1 year olds

There are 4 members of staff in this room who look after up to 12 children on a daily basis. Again the staff settle new children with great love and understanding, building up strong bonds that help them enjoy their time at nursery. The children are provided with activities that encourage and promote their development in all areas with staff giving their undivided attention to enable all children to develop at their own pace.

Bunnies – For the 2 year olds

There are 3 members of staff who work in this room looking after 12 children. The children in this room have
a wide range of toys and activities to enable them to play and learn in a creative and colourful environment. Children’s work and photographs of them taking part in activities are displayed for parents to see what they
are involved with every day.

Ducklings – For our 3 & 4 year old children

The children are looked after by 4 members of staff in a group of up to 24. We encourage each individual child’s independence whilst always being there to support and guide them. The children’s day is more structured whilst giving them the choices of what they want to play with and where – inside or outside!
Learning through play and choosing what interests them are a big part of the day. The children are able to experience trips to the library, parks, shops and schools at nursery which broadens their learning environment.


“Children across all ages are happy, confident and settled in the child-centred, welcoming environment”